Joining Troop 4 Clinton


Joining Information – Troop 4 Clinton

I would like to introduce myself, my name is Jim Garreffi and I am the Scoutmaster of Troop 4 Clinton. We are a very active group and I think we provide a very good program for the boys. This letter is long but it contains a lot of information about Troop and our program; read it at your leisure. If you or your son should have any questions, please call me at 978 340 2605.

The Boy Scouts of America works through a local sponsoring organization, in our case St. John’s Church, to provide an outdoor-based educational program for boys. The goals of Scouting are to produce young men of good character, that are physically fit and who are good citizens. The program stresses self-reliance and boy leadership. The kids, through their boy leaders plan and run the Troop’s program. It is a combination of boy leadership and advancement, in Scouting, that helps a boy meet the goals of Scouting. If persistent and hard working, boys should be able to attain the rank of Eagle Scout (Scouting highest rank).


The troop camps at least one weekend a month at various sites. The camping trips are designed to teach skills, practice skills taught and of course have fun.

We generally camp in tents and Troop has tents that the boys can use. There are times, depending on the program, that we use cabins for our weekend camping trips.

The cost for our “normal” camping trips is about $12 per boys which generally covers the cost of food. If we “cabin” camp, the cost is a couple of dollars more to cover the cost of the cabin. Occasionally we go on an extended weekend trip, or trips that involve additional costs for transportation (biking on Nantucket).

The Troop does at least one extended camping trip during the summer (generally a week of summer camp at Camp Wanocksett). As the skills of the boy’s increase we also will do more adventurous trips such as weeklong canoe trips or other backwoods adventures. Every three years we try to attend one of the National Boy Scouts of America’s high adventure bases (Philmont – New Mexico, Florida Sea Base – Florida Keys).

The Troop meets every Tuesday night from, 7-9pm at the Clinton Middle School. In the event of a holiday or no school (NO SCHOOL – NO SCOUTS) the Troop meetings for those nights will be canceled.


The National Boy Scouts of America requires a registration and insurance fee from every Scout, $33.00 and $3.00 respectively. In addition we believe it is important that the boys receive Scouting’s monthly magazine, Boy’s Life which is $12.00. Other expenses incurred by the Troop are; cabin and campsite deposits, updating the troop equipment and providing the various awards the kids earn. The Troop dues are $50.00 a year. If being a member of the Troop becomes cost prohibitive please let me know Scouting is for all boys.


The Scouting program is a uniformed organization, like Little League or Pop Warner. The Troop has some uniforms; other Scouts have outgrown, that are available to the Scouts. The Troop uniform consists of the Scout shirt (with the proper patches), bolo tie (provided by the Troop), a Scout belt and regular pants. Scout pants complete the “nationally” accepted full uniform. A full uniform is nice for Courts of Honor, summer camp and required when we travel as a Troop. Uniforms can be obtained from the following place.

N.E. Scout Shop @ Scout Service Center (Lower level)

1980 Lunenburg Rd., Jcts of Rtes 70 and 2

Lancaster, MA 01523 (840-8108)


We expect a reasonably well-behaved boy to attend our activities and I will contact you if we ever have a problem. Consequently, if your boy ever has a problem with anyone in the Troop please don’t hesitate to call me.


We like to provide an interesting, adventurous program for the boys and rely on fundraising to help defray the costs of these programs. The typical fundraising activities of the troop involve; two (2) can drives and a Plant Sale.


We camp and attend various activities at different locations around the State and in southern New Hampshire. I have a truck that carries some kids and most all the gear but we typically need help with rides. We encourage the kids to share rides to minimize the number of vehicles needed.

Adult Participation

There are a lot of opportunities for you, as a parent, to become involved with the Troop; everything from assisting on camping trips, teaching a merit badge, providing rides, to working on the Committee. I strongly encourage you to participate!

Well I have covered the basics, at least I think so, if you have any questions feel free to call me; my number is 978 340 2605 or you can write at You will most likely get an answering machine but please leave a message I do return calls. If finances are ever a problem, please let us know we can help!